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Welcome to our fishing charter FAQs. We’re excited that you’re interested enough to make it to this page, and we hope to answer all of your questions and ensure you have a fantastic fishing experience with us. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about our charters, from what to bring (and not bring), where to meet, our cancellation policy, and even the types of fish you can expect to catch. If you have any additional inquiries, feel free to reach out to us directly.

What sets Night Heron apart from other fishing charters?

We prioritize safety, comfort, and personalized experiences tailored to your group’s preferences and skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to fishing, we strive to make your time with us exceptional, leaving you with cherished memories of a fantastic fishing adventure.

What should we bring on the trip?

We suggest you bring a hat, polarized glasses, non-spray sunscreen, and long sleeves for daytime trips. Boat shoes or non-scuffing shoes are essential. It can get chilly during our nighttime charters, so it’s a good idea to have a light jacket. Feel free to bring along small snacks like cookies, chips, and your preferred beverages. We’ll have a small cooler with ice and cold water ready for you on the boat. Lucky fishing rods are always welcome!

What should we NOT bring on the trip?

Please leave the spray sunscreen at home. It tends to leave a filmy coat on the boat or make the deck slippery and unsafe. Broken glass spells trouble for all of us, so if you bring your beverages, please ensure they’re in cans or plastic. Illegal drugs and contraband are a no-go. 

No black or hard-soled shoes are allowed; wear deck shoes, sneakers, or flip-flops instead. Please leave any GPS devices behind. If you’re looking to book a recon mission for your own future trips, this is probably not the boat for you. Thanks for keeping it light and safe!

Can we keep the fish we catch?

Fish are a finite resource and there’s a reason Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has limits and regulations. Captain Kirkhart believes in C.P.R. (catch, photo, release). That said, a lot of this depends on what you’re fishing for and what you catch. It’s quite possible to go home with a fresh grouper or snapper dinner, but if you’re looking to stock the cooler with filets this is not the boat for you.

How many people can your boat accomodate?

Charters are for 4 anglers unless otherwise stated, contact the captain with special circumstances and questions regarding this.

Are your charters suitable for children?

Well behaved children are always welcome on the boat. The captain has his own children and family trips are definitely a thing. Keep in mind this is a professional charter. What that means is that you will learn about the area, the fish, and how to catch them. Easily distracted or uninterested children can certainly take away from the quality of your fishing trip.

Do you offer dock pick-up?

Our charters leave from Sandsprit Park in Stuart. Any special circumstances or accommodations need to be run by the captain first.

Where do your charters depart from?

All charters depart from Sandsprit Park in Stuart, Florida.

What amenities are provided during the charter?

Night Heron provides cold water and space in a small cooler stocked with ice for any additional small snacks and drinks. 

What is your policy for cancellations?

Cancellations due to inclement weather are at the captain’s discretion. If the client wishes to cancel and the captain deems the weather good enough for the trip, the $100 deposit will be forfeited. When cancellations occur due to unforeseen emergencies the captain will retain the $100 deposit and make every effort to reschedule at a later time.

What are your rates for charters?

Daytime and nighttime charters are available. A half-day (4 hour) trip is $600, a three-quarter day trip is $700, and a full day (8 hours) on the water is $800.

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash is king, but Zelle, Venmo, and most credit cards are acceptable.

Are fishing licenses required?

Night Heron Fishing Charters takes care of all fishing licenses required by the state of Florida, so there’s no need for our clients to take any further action.

What types of fish can we expect to catch?

There’s a wide variety of fish species in the waters of South Florida. Inshore species include redfish, snook, tarpon, sea trout, bonefish, ladyfish, and various snapper species. Offshore you will find dolphin (mahi), grouper, more snapper, wahoo, cobia, sailfish, and sharks. This is an abbreviated list. We can absolutely target any type of fish, and the odds of finding those fish are solid with a seasoned captain like Buddy Kirkhart. That said, you never know what will come swimming your way in any given day (or night).

What is the size of your boat?

The boat is 24 feet long, built by Islamorada Boatworks and powered by a Yamaha 300.

How far offshore do you typically go?

For our offshore fishing trips, we typically range from 3 to 8 miles out. This distance is ideal for targeting species like sailfish and dolphin.

Is seasickness common?

Seasickness is a genuine concern, but there are over-the-counter medications available to alleviate it. It’s not a common issue on our charters, particularly since we primarily stay inshore. Additionally, our offshore trips are typically scheduled during spring and summer, significantly reducing the risk of encountering rough seas.

Can we target specific types of fish?

We definitely can target specific species of fish. Talk to Captain Kirkhart about what you’re fishing for, and he will get you to the right location at the right time, set you up with the right gear, and ensure you have the best chance having a truly fantastic time on the water.

Do you allow the use of fly rods?

Yes, we absolutely allow and encourage the use of fly rods on Night Heron Fishing Charters. Captain Kirkhart is proficient in fly fishing and if he has a line out, it’s most like going to be attached to a fly rod. He even goes so far as to tie his own flies. You’ll have a fantastic time sight casting to multiple snook and trout, with rod sizes ranging from 6-9wt. Occasionally, a 10wt rod might be necessary for those bigger catches. Rest assured, fly fishing enthusiasts will feel right at home!

More Questions?

It’s absolutely possible and in fact highly likely that there’s something we failed to go over in the FAQ. If you have a another question, please ask.

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