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Captain Buddy Kirkhart

Buddy Kirkhart grew up fishing and developed a deep love for it at an early age. His father, a world-champion fish taxidermist and owner of New Wave Taxidermy, took him on frequent trips offshore, inshore, and into the Everglades of South Florida.

By thirteen, Buddy was on a mission: Land his first big snook. After weeks of dedicated fishing, he hooked what he believed was the prize he was after. Instead of his trophy snook, however, he landed what would turn out to be a junior angler world record sea trout.

This remarkable catch would mark a huge milestone in his journey, and his passion for fishing only intensified.

Throughout his childhood, Buddy was fortunate to attend fishing expos across the southeast with his parents. It was at those expos where he had the chance to meet and absorb wisdom from fishing luminaries like Flip Pallot of Walker’s Cay Chronicles, the late Jose Wejebe from Spanish Fly, and casting maestro Lefty Kreh.

It was a chance comment from a friend, though, that served as the final catalyst for Buddy’s pursuit of a career as a fishing guide. It went something like this: “Dude!?! I thought for sure you were gonna end up as a fly fishing guide in the Keys!!” He’d been honing his guide skills informally with friends and family for years, but it was time to take his love of fishing to another level.

Today, Captain Buddy Kirkhart feels incredibly blessed to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise with others as a fishing guide in Stuart, Florida. His journey from a young angler with a dream to a seasoned guide is a testament to his dedication and love for the sport.

13 year old buddy kirkhart with jr world record sea trout

Buddy Kirkhart with his junior angler world record sea trout.

captain buddy kirkhart fly fishing

“I feel very blessed to be able to do this!”

– Capt. Buddy Kirkhart.